A brief introduction of Taoism

Taoism is the inherited state religion of the Chinese civilization. For those Chinese who use animal scarifies or substitutes in religious ceremonies and practices to serve as signs of respect to their forebears, gods and spiritual entities, regardless they have joined any Taoist organizations or not, are classified collectively as the Taoist.

The Chinese were the earliest people to utilize scientific wisdom to conceptualise the physical happenings and effects in the universe. Lao Tzu is the personification of one such person, and his classic "Tao Te Ching" epitomizes such proof.

Tao is the collective classification of all forms of energies that created the universe and everything within it. Lao Tzu applied detailed observations and thorough analyses, in perceiving the neutrality in Tao to its transposition to sociality in mankind; thereby proclaiming a thoroughgoing understanding on the relationship between nature and mankind, hence, the conceptual view between the Tao of nature and the Tao of mankind. "Tao" denotes the Tao of nature, which is the intrinsic law of the transformation of all natural energies and their manifestations, "Te" denotes the Tao of mankind, thereby, the inherent rule of human's society and development; "Ching" denotes these unremitting and eternal principles.

The Taoist religion designated Lao Tzu as the founder of Taoism, and opted for the world earliest and most exhaustive philosophical classic, Tao Te Ching, as its bible. It adheres to the scientific principle of practicality, to promote the Chinese culture and civilisation.  It inherited with the best element of the traditions and thoughts, to work for the ever lasting peace and prosperities of mankind.  It adheres to the four scientific luminous principles:

(1) Humans procreate humans
(2) Humans create societies
(3) Humans procreate gods and all spiritual entities
(4) Humans participate actively in society and serve to benefit the others, and be the benefit of own self.

Therefore, to promote the Chinese culture and civilisation, one must reestablish the scientific Taoism.

For those are sincere in promoting the Tao, may good fortune be accompanied with them.