Portrait of Lao Tzu 

(The Old Wise Man)

Painted by Ng Tao Tzu (Tang Dynasty ~ AD 900)



Tao Te Ching, Chapter 81

"Trustworthy words are not embroidered, embroidered words are not trustworthy.

Virtuous individuals are not argumentative, argumentative individuals are not virtuous.

Specialists are not diversified, diversified individuals are not specialists.

Cultivated leaders shall never be sluggish, the more they will serve for the others the more they will attain, the more they will give to the others the more they will gain.

The Tao of nature, is to utilise and not to abuse; the Tao of cultivated leaders, is to serve and not to contend."

"Arms are an instrument of misfortune,

No measure for enlightened men,

Use them as the last option, better be brief with them.

Triumph in war is not beautiful;

Those who see triumph in war is beautiful, 

Are those who enjoy killing,

And those who enjoy killing,

Shall never prevail upon the world."

"Those who know the others have cleverness,
And those who know themselves have insight;
Those who master the others have power,
And those who master themselves have strength;"

"The great Path (Tao) is well mapped out, but people still favour short cuts!"

"The greatest mistake is to underestimate your enemies,  those who underestimate their enemies will lose my treasures (compassion, efficiency and humility)."

"Well cultivated individuals do not seek confrontation, skillful fighters do not become angry"   

"A thousand miles journey begins from a single footstep"

"Managing a large organisation is like cooking a small delicate fish"

"The oceans and seas unite hundred streams, because they are skillful in staying low"

"The highest virtue is like water"