"Only "Tao Te Ching" could save China"

Original Title: "The practical value of "Tao Te Ching: the politics"

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Lao Tzu left us with only five thousand words in "Tao Te Ching", a bible for good government.

After Lam Shang Chan in-depth study on "Tao Te Ching" for ten years, he proclaims without fear the followings:

Governing the party with Tao; as to govern the country by the party; governing the individuals with Tao, as to govern the people by laws.

Lao Tzu used Tao Te Ching as the body structure, and provided human beings with the escape path from misfortunes.

The dictatorship of "Tao Succours nature" is not any fearsome animal, but is the sweet fountain spring of 
people's livelihood.

Lao Tzu was the first scientist who correctly realised the beginning of the universe.

"Tao Te Ching" is without doubt the ultimate guiding light for all form of politics, which deserves further in-depth studies.

This book with its unique vantage point and candid writings, assessed the roots and causes of China's thousand years of decline from the viewpoint of politics, civilisations, and religions. The aim of this book is to utlise the philosophy basis of Tao Te Ching to concisely and objectively uncover the conflicts in the recent history of China. Chan put forth an original and constructive idea, which utlises Tao Te Ching's principle of governing the party, the country and the people, as the driving mechanism for good economies and therefore, the peaceful reunification of China between the mainland and Taiwan. 

The book was originally titled as "The practical value of "Tao Te Ching: the politics", although it was not widely available for the general public, the author had already put forth the idea of "governing the country with Tao" by sending the books to all the VIPs of politics in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and have received good reviews from them.

Reissuing the book for general release now, is the sincere wishes to put to the hands of the current generation of Chinese people, for utlising the power of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching in saving the country.  For those who has an acquaintance with Lao Tzu's treasure, may long lasting good fortune bestows with them and the family.